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Iron Magic

Iron Magic removes Iron and Rust Stains from Laundry and Other Household Items!Removes Iron and Rust Stains from Laundry and Other Household Items!

Just under a tablespoon added to your wash takes out the iron and rust from both colored and white clothing items making them look brighter.

Many customers also use Iron Magic in the tank of their toilets to clear away iron and bacterial iron stains.

Z-ro Rust

For Clean-Up Outside Your Home

Z-ro Rust is designed for cleaning rust stains from concrete, siding, brick, landscape stone – any areas outside your home that are affected by water from your sprinkling system.

Simply spray on Z-Ro Rust, add a little scrubbing, rinse and the iron staining is GONE!

Z-ro Rust - Rust Removal Stained Siding

Z-ro Rust - Rust Removal Clean Siding

Z-ro Rust - Rust Removal Stained Drive Way

Z-ro Rust - Rust Removal Clean Drive Way

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The Best Water Filter Middlebury IN

Water Filters for Iron & Rust for Your Middlebury IN Home

Hawkins Water Tech was founded in 1967 as a water treatment company offering water filters and the best commercial and residential water treatment products for decades in the Middlebury area. We’ll give you a free water analysis and figure out the ideal water treatment system for your business. We carry commercial water softeners, filters, and RO systems from , and have everything from high quality affordable options to the highest tech items that can connect via wifi. Give us a call for a free consultation today.

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What is the best water filter?

The best water filter is the water filter that meets all of your family & home’s needs. Here at Hawkins Water Tech we believe the best water filter is an EcoWater filter.

How often to change water filter?

It is recommended that you change your water filter every 3 to 6 months. For an easy change, contact Hawkins Water Tech at (574) 330-0520 to schedule regular water filter service.

How to install water filter?

While you can install a water filter by yourself, we recommend that you hire a professional for all your installation, maintenance, and repair needs.