Builders – Hawkins Water Tech has been taking care of home-owners for 57 years. Over that time, we have encountered a wide range of water conditions and home specifications. We are here to make installation of water treatment systems an easy decision for the home-owner and a transparent process for you. Listening to our builder partners and matching specifications to each home’s unique design has made Hawkins Water Tech the trusted water consultant for many builders in the Michiana area.

Mechanical Contractors – Count on Hawkins Water Tech to implement water treatment systems on your job. Hawkins Water Tech has the expertise and access to all product lines needed for today’s hi-tech manufacturing environments. From softened water for ease of facilities maintenance, to deionization water systems for use with specialized cleaning, Hawkins Water Tech can assist with system specifications and install equipment on your timeline.

Municipal Water Treatment Managers – Yours is a delicate balance – to provide safe drinking water for schools, libraries and public properties in a cost-efficient and environmentally conscious manner. You can trust Hawkins Water Tech to assist with your project. We have experience in municipal applications and their unique attributes.

Medical/Dental Professionals – Water purification systems produce water with neither a positive or negative charge. Utilization of this type of water enhances the sterilization process by minimizing water residue. Hawkins Water Tech can advise you on the best application for your practice needs. Whether you are responsible for a single-practitioner office or a surgical center, Hawkins Water Tech has the equipment and – most importantly – the experience to get the job done right.

HellenbrandWith the support of and the experience in the local market, we have the best solutions to meet your commercial and industrial water needs including industry-leading Hellenbrand equipment.

Here are just a few areas where we can be of service including High-purity, Deionized, De-mineralized, Lab-grade, and Medical-grade water.


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Deionized water, also known as demineralized water (DI water, DIW or de-ionized water), is water that has had its mineral ions removed, such as cations from sodium, calcium, iron, copper, and anions such as chloride and bromide. Deionization is a physical process which uses specially-manufactured ion exchange resins which bind to and filter out the mineral salts from water. Because the majority of water impurities are dissolved salts, deionization produces high purity water that is generally similar to distilled water, and this process is quick and without scale buildup.

Ion exchange demineralization of water is frequently accomplished by in-plant deionizers which automatically regenerate on a pre-set frequency, consuming acid and caustic and discharging a waste stream containing high concentrations of both. These systems are expensive to purchase and are very maintenance-intensive.

Service Deionization, also referred to as “Portable Exchange Deionization”, uses tanks containing deionization resin plumbed into your process with flexible connectors and exchanged upon exhaustion by Hawkins Water Tech.

Commercial and Industrial Water Cooler Service

Easy access to drinking water helps employees stay productive throughout their workday. Having purified drinking water for your employees means one less thing for you to manage to get the job done. Additionally, offering high-quality drinking water and great tasting coffee enforces the good impression your business makes on guests.

Hawkins Water Tech provides this through Bottled Water and Bottle-Less Water Cooler Service.

Commercial Grade Water Softeners

The benefits of soft water with equipment fitted to commercial or industrial applications. Hawkins Water Tech will work with you from design to implementation to ensure that the equipment is up to the task at hand.

Click here to learn more about our Commercial Grade Water Softeners

Arsenic Filtration

Hawkins Water Tech offers a complete line of products designed to remove arsenic contamination. We carry and install equipment for commercial as well as residential applications.

Every commercial water treatment application, whether for a restaurant, hospital, hotel or office, is unique so please use the contact form below to let us know more about your water needs.

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