Our Team

  • Dave Hawkins – President – truly grew up in the family business as Hawkins Water Tech began in his family’s home. His career with Hawkins began in 1980. Throughout this time, Dave gathered experience in all aspects of water treatment and learned first-hand his parents’ philosophies that have led to the company’s success. Furthering his studies, Dave became a WQA Certified Water Specialist Level III. In 2004, Dave and his brother-in-law Jim Freeze purchased the business from Bob and Nancy Hawkins. While his responsibilities now place business leadership and visioning at the forefront, Dave still enjoys and often assists with system design and installation.

  • Jim Freeze – Executive Vice President – began his work at Hawkins in 1985. Jim began as a Hawkins Salt Delivery Driver and continued his education in water conditioning through on the job experience as well as enrolling in the Water Quality Association (WQA) certification programs. Through this training, Jim has achieved the level of Certified Water Specialist Level IV. Jim’s primary responsibility is overseeing day-to-day operations at our Elkhart, Indiana location. His experience coupled with his accreditation enables him to handle any water-related challenge.

  • Curt VanCuren – Vice President and General Manager – has over 6 years experience with Hawkins Water Tech. Curt’s career with Hawkins first began as a service technician. His day to day interaction with Hawkins’ customers gave him the opportunity to understand residential water conditioning from the homeowner’s perspective. Curt now draws upon that experience to create an environment that is relaxed and easy for the homeowner to find a water treatment system for their home. Additionally, Curt has worked in the design and implementation of commercial and industrial water conditioning systems. This experience has led him to become a trusted advisor for businesses who need to implement water conditioning for improved operating efficiencies.

  • Mike Sommer – Technical Sales – has been with Hawkins Water Tech since 2002. Mike specializes in residential applications. His background in building material production and engineering gives him the tools to look at each home design as a unique situation. He enjoys educating the homeowner and enabling them to make an informed decision about water treatment services.

  • Gene Hochstetler – Shop Manager/Wholesale Grocer Relationship Manager – Gene left his career in the retail grocery industry to join Hawkins in 1994 as a Service Technician. Gene’s past experience combined with his new job responsibilities became the perfect platform to add management responsibility of the Harmony Brook Retail Premium Drinking Water systems sold to grocery stores throughout Michiana and Northwest Ohio. During his time with Hawkins, Gene has obtained his WQA Level II Certified Water Specialist Designation and is a Certified Installer.

  • Doug Hostetler – Technical Sales – started his career in water conditioning with Hawkins Water in 1993. Doug’s background prior to Hawkins was in manufacturing and construction. During his first few years with Hawkins, Doug received training in all aspects of water treatment. As Hawkins continued to succeed and expand, additional responsibilities were a natural fit for Doug. Doug is now part of the sales team. His service experience uniquely prepares him to evaluate existing equipment and also recommend replacement systems.

  • Shawn Yoder – Service Manager – Shawn has been with Hawkins Water Tech since 1998. His duties have included everything from salt and water delivery, to Harmony Brook/Arctic Mountain grocery store water dispensing service, to Assistant Service Manager and Purchaser. His experience in all of these positions has helped him gain knowledge in the many different aspects of water treatment. He has always looked forward to serving customers’ needs and any problems that our customers face with their water, whether it is in their home or business.