Hawkins Water Softener Systems

Hawkins Water Tech is the only water treatment company in the Michiana Area offering the most affordable and effective water softening solutions with excellent warranties and our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Prevent Dry Skin with Hawkins Soft Water!

Prevent Dry Skin with Hawkins Soft Water!

Our softeners are sized to fit YOUR home and YOUR water. So whether you’ve got a small space or a big one, we’re experts at sizing a system just for you.

And… did you know a Hawkins Water Softener can generally pay for itself in savings?

  • According to the University of New Mexico, softened water can reduce hot water heating costs nearly 30%.
  • The Battelle Institute revealed that soap usage can be cut by up to 75%!
  • Plumbing and Fixtures will be free of hard water build-up.
  • Clothes won’t fade or lose color as quickly.
  • Towels will stay fuller and fluffier.
  • Appliances will last longer.
Sure we might be a bit biased, but customer reviews let you know you’re getting the BEST WATER SOFTENER on the market.

Most importantly, every Hawkins water softener comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so whether you need service, salt delivery, or help moving your softener from your old home to your new home, we’ll be here to help. We’ve lived and worked in this community since 1967 and we’re here to stay.

Not only do we provide top-notch service to our current customers, if you’ve got a non-Hawkins system and would like us to evaluate, maintain, or deliver salt, just let us know!

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